Sailan Muslim Foundation Canada’s Youth and Education Committee gathered issues faced by the youth in our community and came up with a plan to create a youth forum that will provide practical leadership opportunities for our youth.
The Sailan Youth Forum was launched in Toronto on December 30 2014 with about 30 university aged boys and girls from all over the Greater Toronto Area.
This youth forum would provide an opportunity for our university aged youth to develop and practice leadership skills, network, engage with their peers, share ideas, discuss and debate issues, organize and execute various projects.  These youth will be the future leaders within our community and beyond.

Our Vision
“Develop Muslim youth to be future leaders in Canada”
Our Mission
“Identify growth opportunities and issues faced by Muslim youth. 
Motivate, guide, mentor and empower Muslim youth to be future leaders.”
Our Motto
“Dream Big and Strive for excellence”

The Sailan Youth Forum is structured into three committees – Community, Fellowship and Adventure. Each of these committees are co-chaired by a male and a female youth.